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Who says that awesome colour and great respect for your hair comes at an unaffordable price? Renew, is our range of amazing quality Caucasian hair colour products. Try it, to bring out that awesome colour and shine in your hair that you always wished for.

We believe in constantly innovating to provide new products and exciting, vibrant shades. And the great news, is that they are all at affordable prices!

You can now shine from the inside out! Renew’s luxurious colour revitalises your hair, giving you a richer, more vibrant look for longer. The secret? Our colour infusion technology locks in colour – it penetrates deep into the hair fibre for an amazing, intense colour.

We also know that healthy looking hair is as important as beautiful hair. So, worry not. Now, you can help nourish and refresh your hair. Our unique blend of milk protein and soothing aloe vera gives your hair a radiant, silky feel and fresh, tantalising fragrance – leaving you feeling renewed.

Our ever-growing portfolio comprises:

Renew Hair Colour – A unique non-drip colour-lock system, provides up to 100 per cent grey coverage. No mess, just rich, vivid colour. Its double conditioning formula with aloe and protein not only conditions and nourishes your hair, but also leaves a long-lasting shine.

Renew 3D Gloss – Try it for a truly revolutionary colour experience! This colour has a unique formula, enriched with a lumini system (a combination of gloss and colour particles) which penetrates hair fibre, reflects light for incredible colour and offers a luxurious 3D shine with 100 per cent grey coverage.

Renew Highlights – An advanced, versatile and easy brush-on highlighting kit. The keratin boost formula in this colour restores lost essential proteins, ensuring natural, glowing highlights and shine for up to six weeks.

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Renew Perfect Colour

Renew Perfect Colour

Salons are expensive, not to mention time-consuming. But it’s the only way to get that perfect colour, right? Wrong! Introducing Renew Perfect Colour. Be an expert and get perfect colour in the convenience of your own home.

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Shine from the inside out! Our luxurious Renew permanent hair colour gives you richer, more vibrant looking hair for longer. The secret? Our Colour Infusion Technology locks in colour by penetrating deep into the hair fibre for an intense colour, together with the Aloe and Milk Protein that nourishes, giving you healthy looking hair colour.

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Renew 3D Gloss is a revolutionary hair colouring experience. Enriched with lumini system, its combination of gloss and colour particles penetrates hair fibre, reflecting light for incredible colour and a luxurious 3D shine with 100% grey coverage.

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