Touch of Silver

PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver is a range of professional products designed to tone, brighten and add vibrancy to blonde, platinum, white and silver hair.

Touch Of Silver works on the basic principal of colour theory, which states that opposing colours neutralise one another. The opposite of yellow on the colour wheel is violet, and the unique violet pigment complex in Touch Of Silver therefore effectively neutralises yellow and brassy tones in the hair.

When we first launched over thirty years ago, Touch Of Silver was the only violet pigment shampoo in the UK market. Today, we’re proud to be the market leader, loved by women around the world for creating a visibly brighter blonde after just one wash.

Our range of specialist treatments deliver bright, radiant and healthy-looking hair with dazzling shine, to make every day a great hair day.

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Pro:Voke Touch of Silver is a unique range of salon inspired products for blonde, white and grey hair. The collection uses a unique violet pigment complex to neutralise yellowing, revitalise fading and dullness and brighten hair for stunning, head-turning results!

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